Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well my weekend away with Chris was great. We started out going to a seminar put on by Lifesong. The are an amazing organization that is an adoption advocate. We were so humbled by some of the people we met there. They are doing so many great things. There website is . We continue to have a heart to encourage people to adopt.
From our seminar on the west side of Chicago we headed to downtown Chicago. We stayed in a hotel just two or three blocks away from Michigan Avenue. It overlooked the lake and navy pier. We walked up and down Michigan Ave. looking at all the shops and people. We did not make any purchases, especially at a tax rate of 10.25%. We really enjoyed admiring the architecture of the old buildings downtown. Then once we had walked enough to work up a good hunger we headed to Giordono's pizza (yum,yum,yum). The 1 hour wait for lunch was worth it. Then we headed back to our hotel to prepare for our night at the theater. As we walked back to the hotel we experienced snow, wind and COLD!!! Can you tell that I am from the south? We also just missed the gay rights rally headed down Michigan Ave. as we arrived at our hotel. We could see the sea of marchers as they headed up the street.
We left our hotel to head toward the Oriental/Ford Theater. We hailed a taxi that proved to be an experience in its self. It was only less than a mile to the theater but we ran 1 red light and cut off one car and were approached by a road raged individual. Well worth the less than $10 ride.
The theater was beautiful and ornate. The show was amazing. The music was phenomenal. What a memorable night.
The next day we both decided that we really missed the kiddos. We took our time getting ready and heading home. We did decide that we love to visit the big city but we no longer desire to live there.
We were excited to see the kids and we really appreciated Mimi coming to watch them for us.
I must say that our 13th Anniversary will always be a fond memory. Did I happen to mention that I have the best husband around?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All she wants for Christmas is .....

Today Madison lost her second front tooth. The most adorable thing in the world is to ask her to pronounce something that begins with the letter S. She is so excited. She keeps sticking her tongue through it saying how funny it feels. Her first front tooth was so eventful. It took her two weeks to pull the thing out. We had to work with her and convince her that it was not going to be excruciatingly painful. Well this one was a different story. We got up this morning in a rush for Mommy to get to bible study. So, I told her that I would help her get dressed. She was wearing the snug PJ's that always have the warning attached about being flammable. That concerns me. Anyway, back to the tooth. So, I proceeded to pull her top off and she said, " Mommy you got my tooth." Of course I thought she meant that I just hit her tooth. When I looked she was holding it in her hand. Wow, that made for an interesting morning. Needless to say, I was late to bible study.

Tomorrow Chris and I leave for Chicago. We are officially celebrating our anniversary (13th) this weekend. He is such a great husband. He surprised me with tickets to Wicked at the Ford Theater. I can not wait. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Me, my hubbie and Chicago for the weekend. Sorry, I know that I am making people jealous so I will stop. Did I happen to mention CHICAGO? I am sure I will post all about it next week. By the way, thanks Mom for coming to watch the kids.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ever been to a Halloween wedding?

We went back to Louisville this weekend to attend a wedding for Chris's cousin, Anthony. The irony of this wedding was that it was on Halloween. Not only was it on halloween but it was also a costume wedding. So, we thought that we would join in the fun. We did a family theme. We dressed as characters from Peter Pan. Chris - Captain Hook, Laura - Wendy, Madison - Tinker Bell and Max - Peter Pan. It was a lot of fun to dress up as a family.

While in town we visited a lot of family. We also attended our nephew DJ's 10th birthday party. He is starting to make us feel old.

We enjoyed our trip to Louisville. Laura's friend Angie was gracious enough to host us. We really enjoyed spending time with her and her family.

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