Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday, Bugs and Beautiful Cake

For those of you who are wondering how these three go together let me just let you know. February 19th was my, Laura's, birthday. Lets just say that 30 was a lot easier than this mid-thirties deal. So Thursday night the night before my birthday Max started running a fever. He said that his belly hurt and the he was very sleepy. He woke up on Friday with a fever and complaining about his throat hurting. With flash light in hand, I told his to say AWWWW. Yuck!!! My first case of strep throat. Long story short, I spent 2 hours, on my birthday, having 2 kids swabbed for strep throat at the doctors office. One positive and one negative diagnosis. All I can say is thank goodness that my mom came up and suprised me. She sat with the kids while I went and got prescriptions filled. She was so sweet to watch Madie and Max while Chris and I went out and celebrated my birthday. So, the bugs did not ruin my birthday!!!
My mom brought me a beautiful birthday cake. She also took me out shopping and spoiled me. Thanks Momma! My Fort Wayne girlfriends suprised me Saturday night with a girls night out. We had lots of fun and laughs. Thanks girls, you helped make my birthday. All in all thirty five was hectic and fun. Ok, so that is the story of my life. Looking forward to an amazing year with more fun and chaos.

Monday, February 15, 2010


We left Friday at about 4:30pm to head south back to Louisville for the weekend to attend Chris' cousins wedding. We made it to Louisville at about 9:00pm. Grandma was gracious enough to let us stay at her house. With 6, it makes travel a little more interesting. Grandma worked out all of the sleeping arrangements since she had other house guests as well. Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast and started getting ready for the days festivities. Pam and Tami both requested that I curl their hair. This was a first for both of the girls. They both looked very pretty - as you can see in the pictures. The wedding was beautiful. The reception after the wedding lasted until about 7:00pm. We stayed till the very last dance. Madie and Max danced to, I think, every song. Pam and Tami were a little harder to convince. They did do the duck/chicken dance, which we had prepared them for in advance.
After the wedding we headed to my sisters house. As always, it was so good to see her and my nephews and niece. Madie and Max convinced us to let them spend the night at their house.
Sunday we went to church and then headed to the Queen of Sheba, a Ethiopian restaurant. All of the children were good sports about eating different cuisine. They even ate with their hands, as is tradition with Ethiopian food. Everyone enjoyed the experience. Once we finished lunch and collected our luggage it was time for goodbyes. For me, it never gets any easier. My heart aches every time we leave. But back to Fort Wayne and my comfy bed. Our journey lead us back to Fort Wayne at about 9:00 pm. What a crazy but fun 48+ hours it was. I think we will all go to bed early tonight :)

Lunch at Queen of Sheba, Ethiopian restaurant

Our first family photo with Pam and Tami :)

Picture of Bride and Groom with just the Zoeller grandkids (wow, that
is a lot of grandkids)

DJ and Madie

Pam and Tami

Max and Celia's first dance

Max has some moves. He did not get them from his Mom!

Daddy's Girl

Madie and her Uncle David

Mama's Boy

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, on Tuesday of this week we got our weekly update from our adoption agency. In that update they informed us that there were 4 sibling groups referred last week. That means we are 4 spots closer to our sweet Ethiopian children. The process is now starting to feel more like reality. This is so exciting and also so scary. Chris said last night that it is all happening faster than he thought. So for now we still wait but we know that we are closer than we were. As always we continue to pray for God's timing. Also, that God would protect their hearts, minds and body until we can bring them home. Thanks for coming around us and supporting us during this amazing adventure.

Snow Days

The kids have been home from school the last two days for snow days. 2 kids and 2 teenagers and 1 stir crazy mom. What to do? COOKIES! With Valentines day this weekend I thought that it would be fun to make cookies with the kids. Sugar, icing and sprinkles, who could ask for more fun than that?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Cake Lady

Well the last couple of weeks have transported me back to my cake baking days. I have a friend how asked me to make a cake for her sons first birthday. My friend Erin and I put our heads and cake abilities together and this is what we created.

After the birthday creation I was asked to create a cake for my friends in-laws who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. What an honor! I do not have a completed picture of this cake with the ribbon or decorations on it yet. But here it is almost complete.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Max turns 6

It is so hard to believe that my little boy just turned 6. So much has happened in those 6 precious years. I quit my job and decided to be a stay at home mom. We moved 4 hours north of Louisville to Fort Wayne. In a way it seems like just yesterday that I had Max. But when I look at how much he has grown I realize that 6 years goes by so fast.
We decided to have a big party for Max this year since he did not get his big 5 year old party. With us just moving to Fort Wayne last year, we decided to wait until he turned six.
So when we asked Max what kind of party he would like, immediately he responded Star Wars. He requested animals just like Sissy had at her 5 year old party. He also requested a game of lazer tag.
Cousins came in from Louisville and lots of his friends were able to attend. He had a great weekend. One we hope he will not soon forget!

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