Tuesday, March 30, 2010

While the Cats away.......

Well for the past several months Chris has been working very hard on a project for IPFW. He was invited to participate in a international business plan competition. After hours and hours of work and practice, his team headed to San Fransico. Madie and Max never like it when daddy leaves. So instead of sitting around and waiting for his return we decided to make the best of it and have some fun. Friday, we had a great time at the school carnival.
Saturday, we visited friends who were moving and I enjoyed taking pictures of their little one. Then off to lunch at Chik-fil-A. Saturday afternoon we attended the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Only one of my two left in tears. Poor Max lost his glasses as he was looking for eggs. So, he missed out on all the eggs because he was hunting his glasses instead. But tears soon turned into smiles when Madie shared her eggs with Max. I sure love how they take care of each other (most of the time).
Time flew and daddy was back before they knew it.

Had to add the last two. Isn't she beautiful. This is my friend Angeline's little one, Faith. I sure will miss my sweet friend.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It has been a long winter this year and I have struggled the last few weeks. With sickness in our house for over a month, it has been a little aggravating to say the least. So, this week I decided that a change in attitude would go along way. I should admit that the sunshine has helped a lot too. In light of my new found positive attitude, I started thinking about things that make me happy. So, whether you are interested or not, I thought that I would share a little bit of my therapy with you. Here is my list of things that bring a smile to my face.

An unsolicited "I love you" or long hug from my children

The feel of sunshine on my face

Watching Chris play with kids

Laying in the grass watching clouds float by

The smell and taste of fresh ground/brewed coffee

Sand between my toes

Seeing the world through the lens of my camera

Laughing with my sister until we cry or snort

Music - almost any kind

Blue skies

Hiking with my best friend

The feeling at the summit of a mountain

Baking - Anything

Hearing Max sing "Sunshine on my Shoulder"

Undeserved Grace (although this can make me cry too)

March Madness


Guacamole, Salsa and a Margarita

Painted toenails

A girls night


The smell of rain


The concept of adoption

Watching Madison and Max sleep

Shorts and a sweatshirt

Dark chocolate

Watching children play

Senior citizens (I could randomly hug them)

Campfires with or without marshmallows


Evening walks with my family


Chick flicks

Looking backwards and seeing the hand of God in everything - Good and Bad!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road Block

Last night we got an email from our adoption agency that there has been a new government ruling that changes the procedures for Ethiopian adoptions. The new requirements state that the adoptive parents have to be present, in country, for the court process, which is finalization of the adoption. This was previously done before you traveled to Ethiopia. There have been several cases where parents have shown up and decided against the children and the court process can not be reversed, which has left the government in a tough situation. Somehow these children have to be declared as orphans again and go back through the legal process again. With all that being said, what that means for us personally is two trips. One trip go to court and have the children declared as ours. Then another trip which will be about 4 to 6 weeks later to obtain visas for the children.
Not only is this emotionally draining, it adds about $4,000 to $5,000 to the cost we were not expecting. You have to think about what to do with Madie and Max for 2 weeks instead of one. Chris taking 2 weeks off work instead of 1. Leaving your two new children behind in a orphanage for 4 weeks and adding to their confusion. These are all reasons that this new ruling disturbs me. However, the biggest thing that burdens my heart and makes me so sad is the fact that this will discourage some people from adopting from Ethiopia. I can not help but think of the children who will remain orphans because of the inconvenience this creates. My prayer is that God continues to be BIG and does not let people see this as a road block but as a advantage. I pray that people will see the advantage of being able to see their children before finalization. This will make agencies be more forthcoming and honest with their referrals.
Please pray for us as we process this new information and for other families who are going through the same thing. Also, pray for us as we wait. 6 sibling groups have been referred since February. This means that we are 6 steps closer to our two sweet children. We can not wait until we can just see their precious faces.
To our two waiting angels, just know, we will be there soon. We will hurdle this road block and continue to run until you are in our arms. Even if that does means two trips.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biker and Bunny

Between Christmas and a birthday, Max has been planning to invest in a new bike. We like to give the kids time to think about a big purchase so that they are sure they get what they are truly wanting. Well, Max has consistently said for weeks that he would like a new bike. The forever mounds of snow bought us some time to make sure he thought about his investment and was serious. Finally, this week we had the meltdown and were actually able to play outdoors. Let me take a minute to say Hallelujah and praise the Lord for warmth and sunshine! So, dad took Max out for the new set of wheels. Daddy and Max had some bonding time over some tools and "Major Trouble", which is the official name of his new bike. I must say that this is a little frightening to me. Should you really allow your son buy a bike called major trouble? I guess time will tell.

Madie also had a couple dollars burning a hole in her pocket. So, bunny ears and a Easter pail were her selection, in pink, of course.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Birthday Gift!!!

For my birthday this year, I used all of my money to purchase a new lens for my camera. A 50mm, 1.4f. Let me just tell you, it was worth every penny!!! I am posting a couple of the very first pictures that I took with it. Can not wait to find some willing subjects to try my new toy on. I think that my kids have been worn out. Any volunteers??? I will have to start working on Pam and Tami. They would be beautiful!! Hopefully, I will have two, new, cute willing subjects from Ethiopia soon:)

Even straight out of bed in the morning, I think she is beautiful!

Check out Max's cool glasses Tami bought him at the mall

Love these cuties!

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