Sunday, May 8, 2011


As the Steve Miller Band would say, "Time keeps on tickin, tickin, into the future! The SMB concert was my first date with Chris. We never have knew those words would be so daunting now?
We continue to cross months off with no word or encouragement that anything is going to happen soon. When we signed up to adopt 2 children from Ethiopia the wait was 3 to 12 months. So, if you get a short answer from me, when you ask how things are going, hopefully, you will understand why!
I wish I could say that this has all been easy and I would highly recommend it to anyone but right now, I am thinking NOT! I hope something changes my heart because this is not how I intended feeling about this process.
So enough of my positive thoughts! Tickin, Tickin, Tickin.........


Meg said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way. I know how hard it is and I have to think some sib referrals have to be in the near future. There hasn't been one since ours in Feb! Thinking of you and I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

MarkandSarah said...

Hi! We are in the final stages of adopting 2 sisters from Haiti (ages 3 and 4) and I've appreciated being able to read/sympathize with your struggles.God will be faithful to bring you to the children He has for you.....hang in there.

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