Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love from China and Thailand

Lets just say that life for the Zoellers is never boring. We were approached recently about an opportunity to help some girls who were in need. Our babysitter, Kelsey, said that she knew two international exchange students who were staying in a bad host home and needed to be removed immediately. After a nice date night we arrived back at the house and she asked us point blank if we would be willing to help these girls out. She asked if she could give the coordinator our phone number. Chris responded "No, why don't you give us her number and if we are interested we will call her." Well we went to sleep that night and did not talk about it at all. We woke up on Saturday and talked about it first thing. Chris and I could not think of a single reason to say no, other than inconvenience. So, we called the coordinator. She was at our home by that evening to talk to us and look at our home. By Tuesday she had run background checks and called references. The situation continued to get worse for the girls and to make a long story short, they showed up at our home on Thursday night. Only 6 days after we were first approached about this. WOW! What a whirlwind.
The girls are amazing. One is from China and one is from Thailand. They have already settled in and unpacked their things. We have seen so many smiles from them over the past 3 days. They are so sweet. I know this is going to be an amazing adventure. I am already dreading them leaving in June. I think our family is forever going to be changed by these two sweet girls. Hopefully we will be a blessing to them.

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