Sunday, March 21, 2010


It has been a long winter this year and I have struggled the last few weeks. With sickness in our house for over a month, it has been a little aggravating to say the least. So, this week I decided that a change in attitude would go along way. I should admit that the sunshine has helped a lot too. In light of my new found positive attitude, I started thinking about things that make me happy. So, whether you are interested or not, I thought that I would share a little bit of my therapy with you. Here is my list of things that bring a smile to my face.

An unsolicited "I love you" or long hug from my children

The feel of sunshine on my face

Watching Chris play with kids

Laying in the grass watching clouds float by

The smell and taste of fresh ground/brewed coffee

Sand between my toes

Seeing the world through the lens of my camera

Laughing with my sister until we cry or snort

Music - almost any kind

Blue skies

Hiking with my best friend

The feeling at the summit of a mountain

Baking - Anything

Hearing Max sing "Sunshine on my Shoulder"

Undeserved Grace (although this can make me cry too)

March Madness


Guacamole, Salsa and a Margarita

Painted toenails

A girls night


The smell of rain


The concept of adoption

Watching Madison and Max sleep

Shorts and a sweatshirt

Dark chocolate

Watching children play

Senior citizens (I could randomly hug them)

Campfires with or without marshmallows


Evening walks with my family


Chick flicks

Looking backwards and seeing the hand of God in everything - Good and Bad!

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