Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biker and Bunny

Between Christmas and a birthday, Max has been planning to invest in a new bike. We like to give the kids time to think about a big purchase so that they are sure they get what they are truly wanting. Well, Max has consistently said for weeks that he would like a new bike. The forever mounds of snow bought us some time to make sure he thought about his investment and was serious. Finally, this week we had the meltdown and were actually able to play outdoors. Let me take a minute to say Hallelujah and praise the Lord for warmth and sunshine! So, dad took Max out for the new set of wheels. Daddy and Max had some bonding time over some tools and "Major Trouble", which is the official name of his new bike. I must say that this is a little frightening to me. Should you really allow your son buy a bike called major trouble? I guess time will tell.

Madie also had a couple dollars burning a hole in her pocket. So, bunny ears and a Easter pail were her selection, in pink, of course.

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