Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Well today I realized we have entered into the Groundhog Day phase of our adoption process. Not only do I wake up every morning and wonder if today will be the day, but we have started to repeat things. We are at the stage in our process where our paperwork is expiring which means we have to repeat all of the fun. First up on the list, our fingerprinting in Indianapolis. Next will be our home study, followed by our dossier. Maybe this will give us the opportunity to really enjoy this part of the process this time around:) Since the first time around we were just wanting to get on to the waiting list, which feels like the black hole. We get to enjoy that fact that we can do something again, even if we are only pushing paper. At least we feel like we have a little control again. It removes the daunting fact that time seems to be standing still. So if you have not seen the movie Groundhog Day, I would encourage you to watch it. Just be careful though because you may wake up one day and find yourself in the middle of Groundhog Day. Especially if you decide to adopt.


Meg said...

We must be living in the same alternate universe. We have been working to update various things in teh last few months. Not fun at all. Good things are coming. I just know it...

Anonymous said...

It is a bit familiar. I feel like I can do it much more efficiently this time around, though. When I look back on it - what was so hard about all that paperwork the first time around? I think I'll be able to do it in my sleep this time.

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