Friday, February 4, 2011


Well, it is hard to believe that my little boy is 7 years old. So much can happen in 7 years. Since this sweet little boy was born, I decided to leave the world of banking and become a stay at home mom, moved from Louisville to Fort Wayne, decided to add 2 more little ones to our family.

So to celebrate 7 years of sweetness we took Max to Legoland in Chicago. He had a great time. It was Star Wars weekend at Legoland, talk about double bonus. Once we had seen all the legos we could we ventured to downtown Chicago. We toured Michigan Avenue, which included a trip to the Lego store. After shopping we went to the Navy Pier. By this point we had worked up a big appetite. We decided to catch a limo from Navy Pier to our car. Max thought this was so much fun! We left and went to Giordanos - our favorite Pizza place in Chicago.

We spent the night in Chicago and woke up early so that the kids could swim before we started our trip back home.

What a weekend to remember!! I do not think Max will forget it anytime soon!


Jennifer said...

You are really lucky to live close enough to go there. I would love to take my boys there some day. I remember they are building one in Florida, so I will probably end up at that one first.

Meg said...

I work in an elementary school in the 'burbs and hear of this "lego land" periodically! This still childless-city-dwelling couple has yet to find a reason to go, but hopefully sooner rather than later we'll be making the trip! I am so glad you guys had a nice time. I may be biased, but I do think Chicago is a great city for all ages! Looks like a good time! I love Navy Pier!

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