Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just to CATCH you up - Almost 8 months of waiting

Seems like more and more people lately keep asking, have you heard anything about the adoption??? I guess most people do not realize that things are very quiet in the adoption world until you actually receive a referral. I wish that I had exciting news to share. Unfortunately, for now we just wait. It is not a bad thing with two other sweet children, I am just soaking up all the time I have with them before two more join our family.
We got news today that was a bit discouraging. Our social worker seems to think that it may not be until January now before we get our referral. Arrgg! We also found out that another couple who had a referral from another agency lost their little girl this week. She became ill and passed away before they could bring her home. This makes my heart ache. It also scares me. I continue to pray for our children that we do not even know yet.
Just a confession, I try to stay busy and enjoy my time but most days on multiple occasions I find myself thinking of sweet little orphan faces from Ethiopia. Will we get a boy and a girl? Two boys or two girls? How old will they be? Can they walk or talk? Are they in diapers? Are they grieving from loss?
I also find myself pondering on the things that I may never get to see. Their first smile. Their first tooth, first step, first word. With your own children you get to experience it all. All of these thoughts make me even more anxious to bring our little ones home and cherish every milestone that we will get to share with them.

But for now, we wait!

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Meg said...

Hi there! Just stopping by! You have a beautiful family! Just hang in there with the Wait...I wonder if our timeline has been pushed back as well...I know we're pretty close with regard to official Wait Date.

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