Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend with the Carriers and Cars

Our long weekend was originally supposed to be hosting Chris' mom, however, see was not able to make it. Once she informed us that she could not make the trip, I called and tried to convince my sister to come for the weekend. It did not take much convincing, she was determined to come. They arrived late Friday night. On Saturday, we decided to go to a parade that they were having in Auburn, Indiana. The Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg(ACD) parade which displayed a number of old ACD cars. The weather was perfect for the parade. The kids enjoyed getting every car in the parade to honk. Everyone knows that Chris likes to do extreme things. He is always trying to do something crazy for his neices and nephews. This trip it was a 29 inch round pizza. I know that does not sound all that large but when we went to pick it up, they had to take it out the side door. We had to tilt it to get it in the sliding door of my van. Of course, Chris' goal was to see if it could all be eaten. Yikes, we did it! Sunday we went to the auto auction which is in conjunction with the ACD weekend. The boys enjoyed seeing and dreaming about all the muscle cars. We always love getting to spend time with my sister and her family. I already miss her like crazy. I can not wait for our next fun weekend together!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to finally "meet" you...I've wondered who those people were that sit above us on the wait list!! Looks like we have a lot in common - two kids, boy/girl, same adoption request. So when she told you January, did she give any reason? Seems like referrals have been so slow lately, but our social worker (M) won't tell us anything. Last time I talked to her, she said her best guess was late fall or early winter, but that's been about six weeks ago. I wish they would just tell us how many people are on the list ahead of us - I'd rather know how many more referrals I have to see on the weekly update before it's our turn!

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