Friday, January 21, 2011

Look how far we have come - 15 years

Well if you are very close to me, you know that I have always wanted to visit Charleston, SC. Well for many years that has been the standing joke in our house because I have asked and asked and for some reason we always end up vacationing somewhere else. This year for our 15 year anniversary, Chris planned a trip to Charleston with some friend of ours from Louisville. We had a great time even though we were there for a record breaking cold day - seriously it broke records. We did all of the traditional Charleston sights. Rainbow Row, Slave Market, a Carriage ride, Live Oak, the Battery, Boone Hall Plantation, and lots and lots of food. Our condo was on Isle of Palm which was beautiful but a bit chilly. However, we had a very good time and it was great to catch up with our friends. Greg and Teresa both ran in the mini in Charleston on Saturday and I gladly stood on the sideline and cheered them on.
While we were there, we had our friend take some pictures of us. This would be proof of 15 years of love and commitment :) This will be one trip that my waistline and I will not soon forget!


Meg said...

Ummm, you guys are pretty stinkin' cute! So glad you got away for some fun!

If you make it downtown (Chicago) shoot me a note -- I work in the suburbs (in a school) and I hear often about the LegoLand place-thingamajig =) I"m sure (err, I hope) I'll learn all about such things in the next few months. =)

Honestly, I am glad WHFC extended their Wait Times for sibs. I was a little afraid they had forgotten we were out there...we're coming up on 15 months Feb. 5th. yuck.

Becoming a family of 4 said...

What a good looking, happy couple. Had a blast with you in Charleston.

Anonymous said...

I could have just copied and pasted your blog into my own! The Wait is much more frustrating than I imagined. Actually, I'm glad to see you're on the edge, too. You have seemed so calm up until this point and I've been pulling my hair out! I'm with you in cheering for Meg - they've been at the top of the list for WAY too long. And, of course, I'm also hoping to knock you off the list soon, too!

Anonymous said...

Oops - that comment was for your last post - the one about the wait. I actually couldn't copy and paste this post, as I haven't been to Charleston in many years and never with my husband. See how crazy the wait is making me?

Jennifer said...

Sorry to miss the cold blast here. :-) You were really close to me. I live in Mt. Pleasant, and go to IOP for the beach.

I agree that waiting is STRESSFUL. Honestly, I don't know if you forget it. It was definitely worth it, but I wouldn't want to ever go through it again. :-( The life on hold bit is so true... you can't plan anything.

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