Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got the Mojo Magnet

What a treat today as I opened the mailbox to find an envelope addressed to me from a familiar name in the adoptive blog world. I knew exactly what it was as soon as I saw it and I laughed out loud. My neighbors thought that I was crazy before but even more so now. I could not even make it into the house before opening the manila envelope marked fragile. I knew that this envelope held power. MOJO! This item has some history. Another adoptive mom was so sweet to mail this to the couple that was in front of us on the waiting list. She posted a post about the magnificent magnet and the next day, she got her referral. So I emailed Meg and told her to hand it over. I NEEDED the mojo! I was kidding, kinda. She was sweet enough to get it in the mail right away. So, I am posting this hoping that tomorrow is our day. I would be more than happy to pass this back or on!

I love the spelling words in the picture. How about I use them in a sentence. Meg, the teacher, might like this :)
I can not wait for the sight of our referral!
I think about the kids nightly.
A referral would bring such delight.
The chances of us getting a referral are brighter.
We are so ready to take a flight to Ethiopia.
This wait will no longer frighten me!
Ok, enough already. :)
Follow the magnet below!


Meg said...

Whoo-hoo, Kristin's magnet of mojo lives on! Surely you will get your good news in a matter of days. I believe we received the magnet early Feb and posted about it on the 13th, then got The Call on the 14th. Not bad. Once we get you off the list the magnet will head south to Kristin!

Meg said...

Hey Laura,
How are you doing with all that went down over the weekend? I am trying really hard to keep from having a complete panic attack until I hear from WHFC. Hopefully tomorrow we'll hear something.
Take care, Meg

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